Tips to AI proof your resume

We live in an era of technology, so it only makes sense for recruiters to use AI to make processes more efficient and therefore more and more companies are using Application Tracking System to screen the resume for an efficient hiring process.

For Jobseekers this means that you have to first work on getting bots to approve your cv before it reaches a human eye.

Our Managing Director , Saleha Surti who is a certified Recruitment Expert shares these quick tips to AI proof your resume to ensure that it lands in a human hand.

Avoid Including your contact details in Header or Footer

Some Application Tracking systems are unable to extract the data from Headers/ Footers and therefore that last thing you would want is for your important details such as contact number, email id etc to be lost in the process.

Ensure to have key skills relevant to the job description all over your resume

Recruiters use keywords and keyskills to screen resumes and therefore AI searches for these keyskills in your resume to put together a shortlist for the recruiters. Using generic resumes without customizing them to the Job you are applying to can mean that your cv just doesn’t have sufficient keywords for it to be picked by ATS .

Keywords are usually hinted in the job descriptions itself and most of the time this is what an ATS would use to screen. If you possess relevant experience, ensure that your resume generously has all the keywords throughout the cv.

For eg: If you are applying for an Accounts job which requires the candidates to have experience on Tally software , then the recruiter will use “Tally” as of the keywords to search your resume. If you have used “Tally” working for different companies then the best is to mention this under every job responsibilities in your resume rather than just specifying it one place.

Avoid tables, charts or other heavy graphics in the resume

While you maybe tempted to have a pretty looking resume, using tables, images , graphics etc can be harmful for your resume as the algorithms are unable to read the information from these. Once the resume is passed through an ATS this information will be completely omitted from your resume only leaving the text behind which will result in a crumbled messy format of your cv .

Best ATS compliant cv formats are simple with straight forwards bullet points.

Upload your resume in word format

Standard word-file resumes are the most ATS compliant as Algorithms can easily read and extract data from these. Avoid submitting your cv in PDF or any other complicated file formats which confuses ATS.

All the best!