Should I have a One page resume?

Given the fact that recruiters only spend 6 seconds on a resume before they decide , it can be challenging for job seekers to figure out the best approach to make that first impression! We often get candidates asking : What is the ideal size of a resume? What does a perfect CV look like? Should I cut short my resume to one page?

As a Recruiter , here’s why I am NOT in favour of one page resumes.

  • A good cv should be keyword optimized which means adding the relevant skill generously through out your resume. However with the pressure of squeezing all the content in one page , this can be challenging. (unless you are a fresh graduate or entry level)

  • Heavy formatting is a NO GO for ATS compliant resumes, however in order for one page resumes to look more organized I have seen most candidates adding tables, graphics and heavy formatting on the resumes.

  • Make sure to have all the relevant information on the first page along with your achievements stating how you immediately add value to the job you are applying to. Once you succeed in making that first impression, a recruiter would definitely be happy to turn to the next page and look at your experience before they connect in person.

    An ideal resume in my opinion is personalized according to the JD , clearly states your key accomplishments & how you stand out from the competition , has all the important information ( contact details ) on the first page . A two page resume is a good one for mid career to senior level professionals with maximum 3 pages !

    Author – Saleha Surti
    Manging Director & Founder of Women Talent Connect

    Saleha is a certified HR and Recruitment Professional with 12 + years of industry knowledge globally.