Diversity Management & Culture intelligence workshop

UAE is a country with over 200 nationalities living together! This means you are interacting with people from different cultures and backgrounds on a daily basis whether at work or maybe even relationships. How do you overcome cultural difference and communicate easily ?
Join Prime Institute at this workshop to learn how to use diversity to your benefit and unlock the value of multiculturalism ! Our community receives a 25% discount on the price . Simply use the code “PRIME 25″ while booking your seat!

Cultural Intelligence drives Diversity and Inclusion

Cultural Intelligence is the ability to manage cultural diversity. Individuals with high Cultural Intelligence (CQ) display four critical competencies: CQ Drive, CQ Knowledge, CQ Strategy, CQ Action.

Diversity management and Cultural Intelligence are powerful allies.

To unlock the value in diversity, organisations must possess the competencies needed to foster a context that discourages social categorisation processes and promotes inclusion.

The professional world today is fiercely competitive. We can hardly find an organisation with employees of only one nationality, race or gender! Today’s world is a global space. Question is, ARE WE READY FOR THIS CHANGE?

How do we overcome cultural differences while working in a diverse team, moving to a new country as expatriates or even whilst in an intercultural relationship?

Do we put our biases aside when dealing with clients or co-workers? Do we stereotype people from the moment we lay eyes on them based on the colour of their skin, size of their eyes or tatoos on their bodies!


This event is designed to unite and bring together all cross-cultural enthusiast, trainers, diversity and inclusion managers, recruiters, learning & development specialists and all those who are passionate about culture in all various ways: national, organisational, socio-economic.

We value diversity but we know that inclusion is all that matters.

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will have gained knowledge of:

-How to overcome cultural differences while working in a diverse team, moving to a new country or even in an intercultural relationship.

– What are cultures, where do they come from and what are the types?

– Unconscious Bias, stereotyping and social categorisation

– Cross-cultural understanding in workplace

– Cross-cultural communication, body language & etiquette

– How can cultural differences affect business communication?

– Types of intercultural issues in the workplace

– Strategies for dealing with intercultural communication

– How can cross-cultural communication barriers be overcome in the workplace?

When: June 16th , 2019

Time: 7:00 – 9:00 PM

Where: Rove Marina Hotel, Dubai