Career Development Workshop

What a fantastic turnout at our career development workshop which was held on the 15th Sep 2018 at Rove Downtown hotel. We were amazed with the feedback we got from our participants who walked away with a clear tangible career development plan.

“What a pleasure to be included in such a dynamic and diverse group of women all looking to improve themselves and the companies they work for and manage. Thank you Saleha and Aiysha for organizing such an important event.” by: Rachelle ( one of our attendee)

“Absolute pleasure to be a part of yesterday & meet so many charismatic and engaging professionals. I am so excited to give my career the drive forward I aspire for with the amazing education shared!”  by Poppy ( one of our attendee)

“I really admire organizations that don’t only push for gender equality but equality among nationalities in the workforce, one of which is Women Talent Connect. Privileged to have met such influential and empowering women, Saleha Surti – Assoc CIPD and Aiysha Sheikh Ahmed who shared with us insights on career development!” by Claudine ( one of our attendee)


Career development Partner – Women Talent Connect

We are all about supporting women be it through finding them jobs, supporting them through support groups or through sponsorship such initiatives for advancement of women.

We were a proud Career Development Partner at the 4th Edition  of The Arab women in leadership and Business Summit held in Dubai on 25 – 26th April 2018 , organized by Mice Quotient. The Conference covered some very important topics with an objective to empower the role of women in leadership in the Middle East which is exactly what we do at Women Talent Connect.


Career fair pic

Women Talent Connect participated at the Annual Career fair of Middlesex University Dubai

Women Talent Connect participated at the Annual career fair of Middlesex University Dubai. We were blown away by the enthusiasm and talent in the students of Middlesex university.

We interviewed more than 60 girls who are looking to either take up internships or start their career with entry level jobs. Let’s empower girls to enter the workforce with the right opportunities to support them on their journey from classroom to boardroom.


Coffee and Confidence morning – 14th April 2018

We loved hosting this coffee morning to connect with our community and connect women to each other and create opportunities for everyone. A very successful event, full of confidence, colours and networking with like minded ladies in the room.

Our guest speaker was Aasiyah Bhajan who conducted an interactive session on the power of colours , how it helps us with confidence and what it means to our success.

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